Taking You Behind the Scenes

Something new and exciting is going on here at Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet! We’re working to bring you much more video content. In upcoming videos, we’ll introduce you to top-notch designers and show you tips and tricks of the trade to help take your knitting and crochet to a whole new level of expertise.

Here’s a sneak peek photo taken on our video set. That’s our Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Burt on the left and the wonderful designer Marly Bird on the right. If you don’t know Marly yet, you’re going to love her! She’s super talented and so much fun.

crochet video

Here’s another photo taken on set. This one includes the lovely Nathalie O’Shea — the Design Director at the Yarn Sisters. We are ecstatic to have her here!

knitting video

We’ll be doing videos with other fabulous designers as well, and we can’t wait to show them to you once they have been produced. To stay tuned for more details, follow Love of Knitting on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find Love of Crochet on Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter to hear more about all the exciting upcoming releases we have in store for you.


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