Expert Tips: How Do You Crochet

How do you crochet

If you are just learning to crochet or know someone who wants to learn, check out these tips gathered from Love of Crochet Facebook Fans.

We recently asked them, “What tips would you give to someone who is just learning how to crochet?” We were impressed by all the insightful suggestions they gave, so we gathered them into a blog post so more people could benefit from them too. Here they are!

“Start with small projects. Save the large and complex projects for later.” Gail

“Have patience and be persistent and your work will be better and better. You will learn what works for you as far as how you prefer to hold yarn, etc. I had a crochet hook and yarn in my hand before I could read. My grandma spent hours teaching me.” Lisa

“Find a chair that gives you good support. Don’t slouch. Relax. Enjoy yourself.” Sarah

“Patience and a larger hook.” Jan

“Calm down! It takes time to learn and you will make mistakes. The good thing about crochet is you can always fix mistakes easily!” Diane

“Take your time.” Loretta

“Start with a larger size hook and bulky yarn until you’ve learned how to make basic stitches (chains, sc, dc). I found it much easier to work with a larger hook and gain confidence in making stitches than using smaller hooks.” Melinda

“Relax! It’s an enjoyable art and should be relaxing. When you are uptight, so are your stitches.” Martie

“Practice, practice, and be creative.” Gloria

“Start with something you want to make (keep it simple).” Terri

“Use a smooth, light colored yarn, at least worsted weight, wool if possible. It’s most forgiving. Wood or bamboo are easier on the hands. I have my students mark the first and last stitch until they can easily and accurately identify them since over the years this has seemed to be the biggest stumbling block.” Valli

“Be patient! Persist! And know you can always take it apart and start over. Crochet is a very forgiving art form!” Kimbral

Whether you are a beginner looking for help or an experienced crocheter seeking out a sense of community, the Love of Crochet Facebook Page is a great place to get inspired! Join us and “like” our page.

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