Alpaca Yarn Is Environmentally Friendly

In honor of National Alpaca Farm Days coming up this weekend we’re doing a series of posts with fun facts about alpacas. One thing you may not know about alpaca yarn is that it is environmentally friendly. Read on to find out why.

  • Alpacas have padded feet instead of hooves which allows them to inhabit delicate terrain without damaging the topsoil.
  • When alpacas eat grass, they don’t pull it up by the roots. They just cut it with their teeth. This actually encourages plant growth and helps preserve the environment.
  • Alpacas’ droppings are a low-odor fertilizer that is easy to compost.
  • When the fleece is turned into fiber, no chemicals are used.
  • Only 20% of a normal dye quantity is needed, if dying is desired.

Want to get your hands on some alpaca fiber or see these adorable animals for yourself? National Alpaca Farm Days is a chance for the whole family to visit an alpaca farm, and it’s free. It takes place on September 29th and 30th. Go to for more information.

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