TNNA – the Yarn

The collection of new yarns this year is decadent and delicious and I am worried about stash limitations in my house (I recently learned you can stash yarn in a bathtub).

Some of our favorite companies have come up with new lines, Skacel has a  marvelous new line called HiKoo, if you love a boucle (and I do) I highly recommend checking out the Woolie Bullie.  Speaking of boucle, Plymouth has added a new boucle version to their Baby Alpaca Grande, it has all of the heavenly softness of the original fiber, but now has a wonderful new texture as well.  We also met Francis with Cestari, his yarns are almost as interesting as he is.  Produced from sheep and a mill here in Virginia, his yarns have a tweedy look, in a variety of tempting colors.  Created from various blends of wool, cotton and silk, these yarns are sure to become a knitting staple, and if you are as intrigued by Francis and his yarns as we are, you can soon read his life story!

Many companies are producing “green fibers” and I am excited to try them all.  Kollage has a divine cotton yarn made from recycled Denim. Berroco has Remix a fantastic tweedy yarn made from recycling nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen. But my favorite fiber has to be Delicato from Prism.  This yarn is made from Tencel and feels like silk.  What I found really exciting is that all of the chemicals used to create this soft and luscious fiber are captured and reused, as if the colors and texture were not enough enticement, it’s earth friendly as well!

More fibers and TNNA stories to come…..

TNNA – the food

I know that when you think of TNNA everyone thinks of fibery goodness, but first I wanted to tell you about the amazing food (edible fiber) we found in Columbus.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a designer dinner hosted by Marly Bird on our first night (Friday).  Held at Barrio Tapas, in the upstairs room, the location and atmosphere was fantastic and the wine and food  was delicious.  As if all of that was not enough we also received goody bags that I will detail in a separate blog because they deserve a note all their own) that were heavenly.  If you love tapas and wine do not miss Barrio Tapas.

Saturday night we dined at Martini’s and although I didn’t have one (martini) I was told they were worth the trip.  The food was also delectable, but the best part of the night was the manager.  He looks just like Ben Affleck and could not have been cuter.  I am still regretting that I failed to take a photo of him, but we did take pictures of our food.

Sunday night we stopped at Level Dining Lounge, and I had a burger and chips that rated in my top 10 list. I would highly recommend eating here, and if you can keep yourself from ordering dessert (always a struggle for me) head next door for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  The name is dead on and the line out the door and around the corner is a testament to how scrumptious it is.  Even though it was a cooler night we waited in line for 25 minutes, and then struggled with which amazing flavors we would choose. In the end I had Lemon Berry, Lemon Yogurt and Lime with rhubarb, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and yummy this ice cream is, but if you go to Jeni’s wait in line you won’t be sorry!

Next up the real fibery goodness the YARN!