Exciting News

We were recently tossing around the idea of adding crochet patterns to the Love of Knitting site, and I think that my squeal of delight scared my co-workers.

I know that some people think there is a divide between knitters and crocheters, but I don’t believe that.  In my knit group we have several people that knit and crochet (myself included) and one member that only crochets.  We have tried to teach her how to knit, she did not enjoy it, and has stuck with her hook.  With all of the wonderful crochet patterns that are available, who can blame her?

There was a time when it seemed that we had an unspoken rule; crochet was only for blankets.  If you wanted a sweater or hat or socks, you had to learn to knit.  I am delighted that crochet designers decided this was a silly rule and set about breaking it.  Currently the crochet community has many fantastic patterns for socks and hats, and beautiful sweaters, and I suspect that we will find more knitters crossing the crochet line, as we see even more patterns published.

The only place that I have noticed a lack in crochet patterns is in men’s designs, but perhaps one day soon those same rule breaking designers will correct this shortage as well.

Selecting the crochet patterns for the Love of Knitting site has me itching to return to my crochet roots, and I suspect that soon my project queue for crochet will be as large as my knitting queue.

Perhaps for Knit in Public day on June 10th I will break out my crochet hook instead, and start a revolution….. Who’s with me?

Yarn Crawling

I am constantly surprised by the number of yarn shops I have within a 20 minute drive of my home, and I am a frequent visitor at many of them.  If you travel further out, to cities more than an hour away we are also blessed with a plethora of shops to choose from.  But because of the distance I have never made a trip to the shops in neighboring cities.  After discussing this with my knitting group we decided last month that we need to correct this oversight, and arrange a yarn crawl.  Travel from shop to shop to find what we love, and what we must bring home.

Unlike other retail stores, yarn shops are unique and completely individualized to the people that own them.  Some stores are cluttered and homey, while others are very chic and streamlined.  Adding to the atmosphere created by the owners are the yarns they stock (usually their personal favorites).  With the huge variety of yarns available it is possible to have five shops on the same street each stocked with a completely different inventory.  Anyone that has ever been in a shop knows the importance of finding the shop with the selection that you love.

The added bonus to the shop and selection of yarns are the knitters that come with the shop.  Generally, when you find a shop you love, you will also love the knitters that hang out there. This knitting circle is, for me, the best part of being a knitter.  Spending time with people talking and sharing their lives and their projects, giving you advice about a tricky pattern, or parenting problem.  If you have a knitting group I highly recommend taking your own yarn crawl soon, you might find that the store you love is on the other side of town (which will encourage you to take more group trips, and often).  If you don’t have a knitting group, go on your own, you will likely find more than just a new delicious fiber to love.  You might find your own knitting group as well.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a group of people that understand your love of sticks and string, and perhaps encourage you to purchase more wool?  As my group is always saying, you can never have enough fiber in your diet.

Plan your own crawl, where will you go?